March 31, 2015

Hello Spring!

Hello!  Long time, no see!  I hope you've all been well. 

I'm feeling so happy that spring has finally arrived....I love this time of year. It brings to mind thoughts of renewal and fresh starts and because of that, I figured it would be an appropriate time to to pop in and see if I still remembered how to work my blog. A new beginning, of sorts.

Thank you to those of you who have inquired as to my whereabouts. Everything has been okay with me, but there have been a few things that have happened within my family that have made me pause and reflect on life a bit...holding those I love a little bit closer and trying to look at things with a different perspective. To do that, I needed to pare things down, I suppose.

Anyway, I've still been taking pictures and loving every moment of it. It seems like there is so much to learn and I just can't make it sink into my head quickly enough!

These hyacinth photos are just a few in a series that I took recently. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen them. I do post there on a somewhat regular basis, since it's much faster than blogging. My user name is arosynote if you'd like to visit.

Otherwise, I will hopefully see you again here soon :)


January 31, 2014

Okay, I'm Back

Hi, my name is Tricia and I used to blog. Do you remember that? Barely, you say? Yeah, me either :)

Anyway, here I am...back in my little bloggy space. Besides just being busy with life over the last few months, I've been feeling like I lost my creative mojo or some such thing. I'm not really sure why. I suppose that's just how life is sometimes.

At any rate, I thought I'd take a few photos to try and get back into the swing of things. I always love flowers and food so that's what I went with. Isn't that floral ribbon pretty? My friend Tracey from French Larkspur sent it to me awhile back. Great girl, that Tracey :)

I look at those tulips and I keep hoping that wonderful weather is just over the horizon. This winter has already felt sooo long that I absolutely can't wait for some warm, sunny days. I'm sure a lot of you are with me on this, right?!

Well, I suppose, that's all for today. Total shocker, but I already took photos for another post...yay me!

Okay, see ya soon!


November 14, 2013

Simple Splendor

Hello to you! How are things in your neck of the woods? Are you enjoying autumn or has it already passed you by?

Fall is such a pretty season, full of such simple splendor, that it's too bad that it doesn't last longer, don't you think? Sometimes, I can hardly believe how awe-inspiring nature can be. There are moments when I look around and I'll notice something that seems especially beautiful. Often it has to do with the way the light is falling...glimmers of a setting sun shining though the clouds...or the sun's rays softly illuminating the trees, sending sparkly bits of light through the leaves as they flutter in the breeze. I know it sounds kind of weird, but sometimes I have moments where I'm so overcome by God's creation that it almost makes me cry :)

Anyway, a week or so ago, I thought I'd take a few photos of some of the pretty, vibrant leaves outside my window before fall said farewell. Within days, the weather took a turn for the worst and the wind came, whisking all that color down to the ground. 

It seems like once the leaves fade and Halloween has came and went, my mind tends to skip right over Thanksgiving on towards Christmas. Maybe it's because it's my favorite holiday...I don't know. At any rate, all of the things that I want to do for the season start popping into my head and I start making plans. Because it's such a busy time of year, most of them never actually become a reality, but it's nice to dream a little, right?

I'm already thinking about my Christmas color scheme and whatnot and have made a few purchases with it in mind. Last year I went with neutrals, so this year I'm leaning towards red and white...maybe a Scandinavian type thing. Do you have any plans in the works yet?

I have a few posts planned for between now and Christmas, so I guess we'll just see where my ideas go. Well, that's all I have for today.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


October 02, 2013

Flowers, Fruit, Fall and Fitness

Hello! Happy Fall to you!

Gosh, I can't believe it's October already! Time sure flies, doesn't it? That thought ran through my mind the other day as I was looking through pictures on the computer and saw these shots that I took last APRIL! I have a tendency to do that...take photos and then forget about them. At any rate, I thought the colors and subjects worked well for autumn too, so here they are.

I love the color of these flowers. They kind of make me think of the pretty salmon-colored leaves that are found on some of the maple trees this time of year. Apparently, they're a variety of ranunculus. Aren't they different?

Pears always make me think of fall too, since that's when they're in season. I've been wanting to make a pear tart. I keep thinking about it. You know, when you get an idea in your head and you can't shake it loose? I've been trying to cut gluten and sugar out of my diet though, so that eliminates the possibility of tart eating. Things have been going pretty good, except for the day I ate a doughnut or two...okay, three :)

Since I've decided to put more emphasis on my health, I also signed up for an intense ten week exercise class. It starts on Saturday. That first day they'll test us with a timed run and whatnot. The worst of it will be though, horror of all horrors...before photos. Ugh. Wish me luck, people :)

Well, anyway, that's what's going on in my world.  Hope you're having a good week!


September 17, 2013

Plantation Life

Hello! Hope you're all doing well. 

I figured it was time to hobble together a post since it's been how long since I've been here...a month? Yep, sad, but true. Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few photos I took while visiting a plantation in South Carolina earlier this summer.

There were a variety of things to do, but we pretty much just walked around taking in the sites, which basically consisted of the house, gardens and animals. If you minus out the fact that it felt like 842 degrees outside and that I found the way they cared for the majority of the animals disturbing, it was enjoyable.

Here's a glimpse of the house.

There were paths that meandered through the gardens. Here and there, you'd find something interesting like this red bridge...

or this little gazebo. The minute my daughter laid eyes on this, she had to run over and check it out. I love the copper roof.

No matter where I visit, the animals are always bound to be my favorite part.

One thing I absolutely L.O.V.E about the south is all the moss that hangs from the trees. It looks so pretty when it's blowing in the breeze.

Isn't this a great rustic fence? Those two little dots off in the distance are a few ponies grazing.

Well, there you go. I guess I'm a woman of few words today.

Later gator :)


August 15, 2013

An Open Book

When I have a few moments to mosey around and see what people are making or doing or saying in their corner of the blog world, my interest is often stirred by those that offer up details of their life, spilling their feelings and stories like the pages of an open book.

I find myself drawn into their daily happenings through the funny things their kids did, the places they visited, the happy moments that they share and the sad ones too.

Oftentimes, I wish that I was the kind of person who could talk about similar things here, but I know that that's not really who I am. I'm more inclined to show you little things that I love melded with snippets of my life. In the life that I share here, I'm probably more like a short story than a novel...or perhaps I'm more like a paragraph :)

I might talk about a recipe that I made or a place that I visited or tell you how I grew cosmos this year and then go on to say that this is the first year I planted them and probably not the last since they did so well...spouting tall, looking all pretty and wispy and such.

And of course, I would show you some pictures, because that's what we do, but for me, that's the best part. It's how I tell my story. 

Perhaps my life here is just a picture book...and a few rambling captions :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.