June 14, 2012

Freshening Up and Summer Fun

Hi everyone!! Oh, how I've missed you.

On the off chance you've been sitting around, wondering to yourself, "Gee, where's Tricia?" let me tell you that my computer decided to quit working. And since I have a lame phone and no laptop, I've been in a state of limbo since my new computer arrived, which it finally did. Yay!!

Anyway, since I wasn't spending time online, I freshened things up around my house a bit instead. I'd been keeping a watchful eye on my neighbor's peonies...waiting...waiting...waiting for them to bloom so I could talk her out of a few. She happily obliged.  

I actually took more than a few. I filled a big bucket full of blooms for my living room and then once they started to fade, I thinned them out and moved them into the dining room. Oh, aren't peonies such a pretty flower?!

Okay, just so I can pretend this cute photo of my son is somehow related to all the other pictures in this post, I'll tell you that the window to the dining room is right there behind him. See? Now it fits in with all the others :)

Oh, one last thing, I have to show you something new that I added to the dining room...our summer fun list. After I saw the one that Tara at Between You and Me made, I decided that we needed one too. My daughter sure loved that project. She was coming up with totally random things that had nothing to do with fun though...like that her brother couldn't eat any apples. What? In her mind, he eats way too many apparently. A lot of the things on our list did seem to involve food. Doesn't a s'more and picking fresh strawberries sound good?  

I used a chalk marker to write out my list. Have you ever tried one of those? Wow..loved that thing. I got it from Tracy at Loving Pretty Thingsalong with a bunch of other goodies that I had won in a giveaway she held awhile back. Thanks, Tracy :)

Well, people, that's that.  Hope you're having a stellar week :)


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