September 07, 2012

Flower Power

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday to you!

I thought I'd show you a few photos that I took recently when my girl and and I went on a little outing to the park. We're so lucky to live so close to such a wonderful place. It's just across the road from our neighborhood...1,600 acres of beauty and fun, full of all sorts of things to do...walk, bike, swim, ski, golf and ride horses, just to name a few. I guess I should add photography to that list too, shouldn't I?! 

Up near the community center there's a little flower garden brimming with all sorts of pretty plants...roses, zinnas, cosmos...too many to list, really. Anyway, that's where we went to snap a few photos shortly before the sun completely hid itself behind the trees.

My daughter had so much fun singing and dancing...pretending she was putting on a show for me while I sat on the bench. I think I told you last time how she started Kindergarten this week...well, it couldn't have been worse timing because she has been so sick with pneumonia that so she was only able to go to school for one day!  

I'm praying that next week has better things in store for us.

On a happier note, the weather here has been absolutely glorious! I'm trying to get outside and enjoy it as much as I can. It certainly is beginning to feel like autumn and while I have the urge to start decorating for the season, there's a part of me that's trying to hold onto summer for just a bit longer.

Well, so long for now. Hope you have a good weekend!