October 19, 2012

This, That and the Other

Hello, lovely people. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Not much going on here, I've been busy with a little of this and a little of that. Much of my life, at the moment, seems to be focused on fall and all its happenings...like a lot of you, I'm sure.

The leaves here have already changed color and many of them are now carpeting the ground, fulfilling their new purpose...a form of exercise and play. The other day, as more leaves dropped all around us, we raked a bunch of them up into a big pile and had a lot of fun jumping in them. My little girl would pick up an armful, toss them into the air and they'd float down landing on her head...she'd just laugh and laugh. I mostly just worked the rake and the camera, enjoying her happiness.

As the seasons change and the weather gets crisp it makes a person want to bake more, don't you think? That's kind of how I've been feeling anyway.

Last week, I kept thinking about how good something with pumpkin sounded, but since I was a bit undecided on what that something might be, I made a spice cake instead. Topped with some cinnamon, cream-cheese frosting and a handful of pecans, it was yummy, just like I'd hoped.

So good, that I threw part of it in the garbage so that I wouldn't eat it all ;)

Speaking of food, I have a funny story for you.

The other evening, while my kids were at church, I decided to pass the time by lounging around on the couch, watching The Voice and gobbling down some crackers. So after a little me time, I finally head back to church and while I'm there I go into the bathroom, look in the mirror and discover that I've been strolling around the building with a big cracker stuck to the front of my shirt!  Good heavens, I'm so lame :)

Well anyway, I guess I should go and figure out my kids' Halloween costumes now...a witch and a hippie are their selections. The witch is coming together pretty good...the hippie, not so much.

Have a great weekend!