December 10, 2012

Happy Thoughts

This morning, as I look out my window at a blanket of fresh snow swirling around outside and children headed off to school all bundled up for the blustery weather, I think to myself about how happy I am to be nestled here in my house along with my little girl, feeling all nice and cozy and wonderful.

I wasn't feeling quite so joyful yesterday when the snow kept falling and falling. "Will it never end?!" I thought. My daughter just couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy about the snow and began telling me all the fun things I could do outside during the winter...sledding, making snowmen or finally wearing the snowshoes I got last winter, when there was no snow. She must have figured that I wasn't quite convinced when, exasperated, she finally said, "Well, snow is white and you LOVE white, remember?" Well, this is true. 

When I thought for a moment about all she had to say, I started to remind myself that sometimes a person just needs a different outlook on life. Lately, I've been busy with this and that, just taking in the season and trying to enjoy the moments that each day brings...obviously, I overlooked the benefits of snow :)

I really love this time of year and all its festivities. How happy everyone seems and how that joyful spirit seems to shine. It's a feeling that wish I could capture all year long.

I got a new book the other day called Every Day a Friday. Have you heard of it? It's written by Joel Osteen. I've always thought that he seems like Mr. Positive, a ray of happiness no matter the circumstances.

Anyway, I just happen to come across the book. I like thinking that God put it in my path and that reading it will perhaps give me an extra little spark and a fresh outlook. Who doesn't need that sometimes, right? I might even put my boots on and play outside today :)

Well, lovely people, I hope your week is off to a wonderful start and that you're filled to the brim with happiness. I'll be back in a few days with a decorating post.

See you soon...

Tricia ♥