March 26, 2013

Pink Posies

Hello people! What's new with you? I've been busy with this, that and the big happenings, but always on the go. You know what I mean? 

When I was out and about last week, I picked up a few more pink tulips. I'm not sure of the variety, but I loved that they were petite and ruffled...a little different than the ones I usually see. I applied a texture to these photos since I didn't really love the way they turned out. I'm not sure if it helped, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got, ya know?!

Speaking of working with what you've got, I've been cleaning and purging and arranging my kitchen.I figured I'd paint it and maybe brighten it up a little. I'm also hoping that the Mister will finally see the light and paint the cabinets for me. He likes that look too, but knows that if we paint all the woodwork in that room it would be a big domino effect and we'd have to continue on with everything else...on that level of our house anyway.

All in all, it would be lots of work. I'm thinking it might just be easier to someplace warm would be even better ;)

Well, I have to run to the store before my kids get home...just thought I'd say hello. Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Chat later...

March 07, 2013

Decorating in the Dining Room

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good week. Does it feel like spring in your corner of the world? Yeah...not so much here. Looking out the window at all the drifts of snow piled high and kids sledding down the hill, I have a hard time thinking that spring is only a few short weeks away.

Since I'm starting to feel like winter is never going to end, I figured it was time to bring a little bit of a springish feel indoors with some flowers. I bought tulips for the dining room and hydrangeas for the living room...I'm saving the living room until next week though since it's always so hard for me to think of things to post about ;)

Because my light fixture is so large, I wanted to use a flower container that felt in proportion. I really like this galvanized bucket...the only bad part was that I needed a lot of flowers to fill it! I ended up getting forty  stems!

Oh, I just remembered that I've never shown you the new light fixture that I got for this room until now. I ordered it last fall, let it sit around in the box for a few months and then shortly before Christmas, finally talked the Mister into putting in up. I just love it! It's covered in a warm white seems more me than the old fixture that was previously in this spot.

After I set up my flowers, I thought this basket of grapefruit would look nice in the dining room too. With the flowers it seems so springy and fresh, don't you think?

My mother-in-law sent us two boxes of freshly picked grapefruits from the tree in her yard. Mmm, wouldn't you love to have citrus trees growing right outside your door?! I can hardly even imagine how wonderful and delicious that would be. I'd be putting lemons in everything and before too long I probably wouldn't have any enamel left on my teeth ;)

Well, peeps, that's all for now! I hope things are warming up for you and you're feeling a spring in your Have a great weekend! Chat later...


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