February 22, 2013

Snow Days

We're waking up to more snow this morning...lots of soft and fluffy flakes gently floating to the ground. Yes, it looks so pretty, but I wistfully think back to last year's relatively snowless winter and wish for spring.

Most of my outdoor adventures over the past few months have involved shoveling, taking pictures in the backyard or going to the park with my little girl.

She likes to tromp through the snow pretending she's on the hunt for some creature or another. She'll yell something on the order of, "RUN, Mom! There's a wild animal...it's going to get us!" and then she'll start running in the other direction. It's almost impossible to get a photo of her since she's gone before I know it.

My son is a more willing subject, but it seems like every photo I've taken of him, he had a snowflake in front of his nose or his eye...I'll have to try again today.

This morning when he was getting ready for school, he didn't want to wear his boots. He's in middle school now and since no one else ever wears their boots, he doesn't want to either.  I could hardly contain my laughter when I asked him if he wanted to put on his snowpants too ;)

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!


February 08, 2013


Although it's my natural inclination, I've noticed that, for whatever reason, I've been feeling much more introspective as of late. Often, throughout the day, it seems like there are always certain people and ideas that drift to the surface in my thoughts and then linger there.

I think of my kids, wondering and worrying about their futures, hoping that I'm helping to lead them in the direction that God has planned for them. I think of myself and my dreams, praying that I will accomplish all that I want for my life before the days quickly pass. And I think of my family, friends and all of you too...thankful for the wonderful moments and words that everyone brings to my world. 

Anyway, with that in mind, I just wanted to say a little hello, wish you all a very happy weekend and let you know that I'm thinking of you :)