April 18, 2013

Rustic and Refined...Ball Jars and Pretty Plates

Pairing rustic items with things that are a little more refined has long been my favorite style of decorating. I love the look of time-worn patinas and natural materials, like weathered wood and casual flower arrangements, combined with something a bit more...I don't know quite what the word is...elegant, perhaps? It seems like it's a look that you can dress up or down, where all the elements shine and feel more fresh. In my way of thinking, anyway :)

Recently, I was contacted by someone from Mikasa generously offering to send me some of their products to put together a tablesetting. In the past, I've never agreed to do any kind of advertising or accept items from companies since they didn't feel like a natural extension of what I do here on my blog...but this did, so I said, "Yes."

Working from my thoughts on the rustic and refined combination, I selected these pretty white dishes and the aqua colored ones too. I thought I'd do a mix and match sort of thing. The flower patterned plates perfectly match those vintage Ball jars, don't you think? That was a happy discovery.

I think I'm going to have to expand my collection of antique flatware...if you can call six spoons a collection. Trying to come up with a way to incorporate those lonely spoons into the mix, I decided to tie a little camomile flower around the handle with a piece of baker's twine. It's a fancy meets farm sort of thing.

And since I've been on a blueberry frenzy lately, so I thought I might as well use some of those too...blue jars, blue plates, blueberries. Yep, it works. I bought that white ceramic basket that they're in from Anthropologie recently. I have a smaller one too. They're so nice for displaying fruits and veggies.

It's funny the things you notice after you take all your photos and you're reviewing them on the computer, don't you think? Apparently, I was too focused on how cute that flower-filled inkwell would look on the plate, that I was blind to those two little flowers poking out like antennae. Oh, well :)

Hope you have a great weekend!


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You can find Mikasa at Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.
The two patterns shown above are called Antique White and Silk Floral.

April 12, 2013


Hi everyone! Since I'm feeling rather unfocused lately, today's post is going to be one of complete randomness...cats, flowers, snow, a dream about my hair...let's see, what else is there?

Let's start with these photos. You know how I basically only show you two rooms in my house, the living room and the dining room? Surprise, the first topic is a continuation on that theme. I bought some pretty purple flowers, left them in the sink for about a day while I wondered what to do with them and eventually decided to stuff them in a woven bag that's in the living room. See, right up there? Before too long this plan went all awry when the cats took notice of this new outdoorsy change and things ended up on this order...

Miss Maisy is very mischievous. Did I ever tell you that one day she managed to get up on top of my kitchen cabinets? You know, like eight feet high. Yeah, that was a surprise.

So anyway, it snowed yesterday. I'm not talking about a little bit either, so much that we had to get out the snow blower. As if that all that snow wasn't bad enough, I was looking at some photos from last year and saw this...

I took this picture one year ago on April 4th! When I look at all the shots from that day, I can see that my daylillies are about a foot tall. There's practically a tear coming out of my eye as a think about it. Can you all band together and pray that some warmer weather comes my way...and that I don't go crazy before it gets here?

Speaking of crazy, I have to tell you about a dream that I had recently. Oh my goodness, it was awful. Last week, after I went and got my hair colored and cut, I had a dream that my hair-do lady, Sarah, gave me a look reminiscent the 1980's! Think mall bangs, perms and lots of layers. I remember looking in the mirror, holding up the hair on the top of my head and seeing that it was only a few inches long. I was horrified and she was smiling. It would've been funny to have a photo of me from the 80's right here, wouldn't it? No. It wouldn't. FYI, I love Sarah...I have no idea why I dreamt this.

Anyway, my subconscious more than made up for that nightmare when a few days later, after I stayed up late and watched Criminal Minds, I had a dream that Shemar Moore was my boyfriend :)

Well okay, on that note, I think that's all I've got.
Hope you have a super weekend!