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An Open Book

When I have a few moments to mosey around and see what people are making or doing or saying in their corner of the blog world, my interest is often stirred by those that offer up details of their life, spilling their feelings and stories like the pages of an open book.
I find myself drawn into their daily happenings through the funny things their kids did, the places they visited, the happy moments that they share and the sad ones too.
Oftentimes, I wish that I was the kind of person who could talk about similar things here, but I know that that’s not really who I am. I’m more inclined to show you little things that I love melded with snippets of my life. In the life that I share here, I’m probably more like a short story than a novel…or perhaps I’m more like a paragraph 🙂
I might talk about a recipe that I made or a place that I visited or tell you how I grew cosmos this year and then go on to say that this is the first year I planted them and probably not the last since they did so well…spouting tall, looking all pretty and wispy and such.
And of course, I would show you some pictures, because that’s what we do, but for me, that’s the best part. It’s how I tell my story.
Perhaps my life here is just a picture book…and a few rambling captions 🙂
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


In Flowers

May Flowers


Hi everyone! Well, here it is May already. Can you believe it? After our long winter, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this time of year and the warmer weather and sunny skies that it brings.For what seems like months now, there’s been thoughts dancing around in my head about how wonderful it will be to get outdoors…wondering what flowers I should plant…if I should make a little garden. I try to block any notion of pulling weeds, painting the fence or of voles that have completely ruined my yard. Sadly though, I haven’t gotten much of anything done, since nice days have been few and far between.

I’m thinking that instead of saying “April showers bring May flowers,” the more appropriate phrase around here would be “April snow brings May flowers.” Let’s hope anyway, since there’s not a whole lot of bloomin’ going on in these parts.


A few weeks back the florist called to tell me that they had finally received one of my flower favorites…ranunculus. I needed a little slice of spring so I rushed right over. I can’t wait for my yard to start sprouting some others that I love like lilacs, peonies and hydrangeas. Do you have a favorite flower that you plant every year or one that you can’t wait for it to bloom?


As I was snapping away, I remembered that I had this pretty round box…it’s covered in vintage wallpaper. Isn’t it a cute little prop? I wish I didn’t love little odds and ends like this so much, I never know what to do with them other than use them for photos. I tell myself that that’s a good enough reason to have them around.


Well, that’s all for today…just a few flower photos.
Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a happy weekend!



Pink Posies


Hello people! What’s new with you? I’ve been busy with this, that and the other…no big happenings, but always on the go. You know what I mean?
When I was out and about last week, I picked up a few more pink tulips. I’m not sure of the variety, but I loved that they were petite and ruffled…a little different than the ones I usually see. I applied a texture to these photos since I didn’t really love the way they turned out. I’m not sure if it helped, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got, ya know?!


Speaking of working with what you’ve got, I’ve been cleaning and purging and arranging my kitchen.I figured I’d paint it and maybe brighten it up a little. I’m also hoping that the Mister will finally see the light and paint the cabinets for me. He likes that look too, but knows that if we paint all the woodwork in that room it would be a big domino effect and we’d have to continue on with everything else…on that level of our house anyway.
All in all, it would be lots of work. I’m thinking it might just be easier to move…to someplace warm would be even better 😉


Well, I have to run to the store before my kids get home…just thought I’d say hello. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
Chat later…