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Lazy Days

Hello, hello!

I’m back…a little later than expected. Oops. I feel like I’ve had so much going on lately. After the routine of the school year, I often look forward to the lazy days of summer, but so far they seemed to have escaped me.



My thoughts have been focused on traveling and all that goes with that. These photos are a few that I took while vacationing last summer. As for this year, I have an upcoming getaway planned to Charleston, South Carolina. I’m so excited…it’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for so long!



I’d wholeheartedly welcome any thoughts on things to do…places to see. I’m looking forward to visiting the historic downtown…doing a little shopping…seeing the sites, but I don’t really know anything specific, so throw me some ideas, okay?
Oh, totally separate subject, but I wanted to mention why I haven’t been blogging or visiting as much over the past six months…just in case anyone wonders. Anyway, I’ve been having a terrible problem with migraines, nausea and…vomiting. Yeah, that last part is probably a little too much information, huh? Anyway, it’s so much worse if I go on the computer. Thankfully though, I finally have some medication that helps my symptoms, so I hope to be around more frequently. Thanks so much for your visits 🙂
Well, gotta go. Hope you have a nice weekend!


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