Okay, I’m Back

Cookies, cocoa and flowers
Hi, my name is Tricia and I used to blog. Do you remember that? Barely, you say? Yeah, me either 🙂
Anyway, here I am…back in my little bloggy space. Besides just being busy with life over the last few months, I’ve been feeling like I lost my creative mojo or some such thing. I’m not really sure why. I suppose that’s just how life is sometimes.

At any rate, I thought I’d take a few photos to try and get back into the swing of things. I always love flowers and food so that’s what I went with. Isn’t that floral ribbon pretty? My friend Tracey from French Larkspur sent it to me awhile back. Great girl, that Tracey 🙂
I look at those tulips and I keep hoping that wonderful weather is just over the horizon. This winter has already felt sooo long that I absolutely can’t wait for some warm, sunny days. I’m sure a lot of you are with me on this, right?!

Well, I suppose, that’s all for today. Total shocker, but I already took photos for another post…yay me!

Okay, see ya soon!


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