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Plantation Life

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well.
I figured it was time to hobble together a post since it’s been how long since I’ve been here…a month? Yep, sad, but true. Anyway, I thought I’d show you a few photos I took while visiting a plantation in South Carolina earlier this summer.
There were a variety of things to do, but we pretty much just walked around taking in the sites, which basically consisted of the house, gardens and animals. If you minus out the fact that it felt like 842 degrees outside and that I found the way they cared for the majority of the animals disturbing, it was enjoyable.
Here’s a glimpse of the house.
There were paths that meandered through the gardens. Here and there, you’d find something interesting like this red bridge…
or this little gazebo. The minute my daughter laid eyes on this, she had to run over and check it out. I love the copper roof.
No matter where I visit, the animals are always bound to be my favorite part.
One thing I absolutely L.O.V.E about the south is all the moss that hangs from the trees. It looks so pretty when it’s blowing in the breeze.
Isn’t this a great rustic fence? Those two little dots off in the distance are a few ponies grazing.
Well, there you go. I guess I’m a woman of few words today.
Later gator 🙂




Hello! Oh, how I’ve missed you all.
I must admit that I’ve been home from vacation for awhile, but have had such a hard time putting together a post…I’ve been busy enjoying the summer and whatnot while it’s still here.
Anyway, my getaway was wonderful! I’m in love with the South, I tell ya. We spent four days or so in Asheville, North Carolina before we traveled on to Charleston. Both were such beautiful places!
I didn’t really come home with as many pictures as I had hoped. My family would probably find this hard to believe since my camera was basically velcroed to my side, but it’s hard to do much photography when you’re traveling with other people.  I’m sure they all were sighing inside every time I stopped to take a picture of something 🙂
While we were in Charleston, we stayed on one of the islands and took trips into downtown on a few occasions. I loved that set up. It was pretty and peaceful at our hotel, as well as being the perfect place for children, yet it took only a few minutes to get into the heart of the city.
Charleston is such great town! Like any city, I suppose, there are areas that are a little iffy, but for the most part it’s absolutely charming, brimming with history and beautiful architecture. The streets are lined with gorgeous old homes and buildings, with pretty little walkways nestled amongst them. There’s lush flower-filled gardens and huge trees draped in spanish moss and, of course, there are all the wonderful restaurants and shops too. And to top it all off, everything is within steps of the ocean! I don’t think I could ever tire of it.
All of these photos were taken in the city. Yes, even the ones of the cemetery. It might seem kind of odd, but I loved it there too. Look at the flowers on that hydrangea bush!
I have a few more photos to show you of a couple of other places I visited, but I think I’ll craft those into a post for a different day. Hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend! See you soon.
Oh one last thing, thanks so much for your thoughts and comments on my last post. Happily, everything seems to be going well.


Lazy Days

Hello, hello!

I’m back…a little later than expected. Oops. I feel like I’ve had so much going on lately. After the routine of the school year, I often look forward to the lazy days of summer, but so far they seemed to have escaped me.



My thoughts have been focused on traveling and all that goes with that. These photos are a few that I took while vacationing last summer. As for this year, I have an upcoming getaway planned to Charleston, South Carolina. I’m so excited…it’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for so long!



I’d wholeheartedly welcome any thoughts on things to do…places to see. I’m looking forward to visiting the historic downtown…doing a little shopping…seeing the sites, but I don’t really know anything specific, so throw me some ideas, okay?
Oh, totally separate subject, but I wanted to mention why I haven’t been blogging or visiting as much over the past six months…just in case anyone wonders. Anyway, I’ve been having a terrible problem with migraines, nausea and…vomiting. Yeah, that last part is probably a little too much information, huh? Anyway, it’s so much worse if I go on the computer. Thankfully though, I finally have some medication that helps my symptoms, so I hope to be around more frequently. Thanks so much for your visits 🙂
Well, gotta go. Hope you have a nice weekend!